Auto Wire Cut Strip Twist and Crimping Machine


  • All Equipment components are made in Taiwan and Japan; the product has wire cutting, stripping, terminal crimping, twist wire and flake drip function; the action is accurate; the property is stable
  • 1 synchronous wire pre-sender is set in main engine to keep tension of material stable; the product can cut terminal material belt device
  • The main engine is controlled by PLC; the Chinese and English touch screen parameter is set; it takes only a short time to adjust and it is simple to operate.
  • Applicable to horizontal sending type and vertical sending OTP terminal die
  • It is environmental protection equipment which can save energy and space

KWW-500S Auto wire cut strip twist and crimping machine


AC220V 50/60HZ (single-phase)


Ower supply cutting, stripping at single end and both ends, crimping at one end, half-stripping at one end/ twist wire stripping length/ crimping position/ settable and adjustable knife length and synchronous pre-sending line

Production rate

Wire length 50mm – 100mm, 3700pcs per hour

Applicable wire

AWG#16 – AWG#32

Cutting length

wire length 100mm under, tolerance 0.5+ (wire length x0.002), wire length100mm above, tolerance 1.0+ (wire length x0.002)

Machining length

Middle keep skin 18mm – 99990mm (shorter after refit)

Stripping length

Front end 0.5 – 0.8mm; back end 0.1-18.0mm

Cutting depth

Max. adjustment 3.5mm, resolution 0.02mm


Low pressure, electric wire, peeling exception, abnormal pressure

Air supply

0.5 – 0.7MPA


W1300 x D1000 x H1570 (mm)


About 300KG