Automatic Double-End Crimping Terminal Machine 

  • The machine can be used for wire cutting, stripping, terminal crimping, twist wire and flake drip function. 
  • Built-in synchronous wire pre-sender is set in main engine which can makes wires to keep constant tension.
  • The design of enclosed cutter frame prevents waste of wire skin from falling 
  • Chinese and English touch screen LCD display; simple adjustment and operate.
  • Structure of ball screw transmission, and automatic oil-feeding device
  • Energy-save and space-saving. Environmental-friendly. 

KWW-502D Automatic Double-End Crimping Terminal Machine


For wire: fixed size cut off, both ends peel off, both ends press out the other end press out half peeling, adjustable for peeling length, location and knife depth, synchronous transfer wire

Wire dimension

#32 – #16 AWG

Processing capacity

Wire length 50mm, 3600pcs per hour

Cutting precision

wire length 100mm under, tolerance 0.5+ (wire length x0.002);
wire length100mm above, tolerance 1.0+ (wire length x0.002)

Processing length

Middle keep skin 21mm – 99990mm (shorter after refit)

Stripping length

Front end 0.5 – 0.8mm; back end 0.1-10.0mm

Cutter depth

Max. adjustment 3.5mm, resolution 0.02mm

Detection equipment

Automatically detect low air pressure, and other abnormalities

Compressed air

0.5 MPa (5kgf/ cm2) Clean Dry Air


1800W x 900D x 1450H (mm)


About 460KG