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KMT-6100 Digital Cutting Machine
  • With The Fastest Speed and Precise Control, The KMT-6100 is able to cut various type of materials such as Vinyl, Hose, Shrink Tube, Wire, Film Copper/Tin Plate and etc.
  • Applicable with receiving the outer signal
  • Various warning messages and alarm functions
  • Digital Window for easy set-up
  • Count of pieces needed
  • Cutting Speed if desired
  • Emergency Stop Button on Panel
  • Aux. Roller & Feeding Roller
  • Safety cover
  • Handling Manual




W 350 x D 250 x H 320 (mm)


25 kg

Power Supply

AC 220V

Max Cutting Width


Max Cutting Length

0.1 mm ~ 99999 mm
Speed L = 100mm, 100 pcs/min


  * Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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