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KW-65X Air Wire Stripping Machine
  • The cylinder seat and blade assembly are adjustable
  • One set of stripping blade can strip and cut the cable in any diameter and size
  • One set of stripping blade will last 1 million cutting and stripping, cost saving
  • Whole body made by aluminum, durable, rustless and easy handling
  • Suitable for AC/DC power cord, electronic wire, flat cable and coaxial cable.
 Dimension 400x250x160
 Weight 12 kg
 Air Pressure 5 ~ 7 kg
 Applicable Size MAX 9mm
 Stroke 65 mm





KW-200 Wire Stripping And Twisting Machine

  • Special mechanical design, wire stripping and twisting completed in one operation.
  • Special spring hook, the thin end never get loose when twisting.
  • Twisting single core wire from 22-14AWG
  • Suitable for power cord, AC/DC electric wire, multi-core wire & etc.
 Voltage 220V / 110V (50/60Hz)
 Weight 15kg
 Dimension 300x200x160mm




KW-3F Vertical Wire Stripping Machine
KW-4F Vertical Double Blade Stripping Machine

Features for KW-3F
  • More advanced than traditional Stripping Machine, can strip computer cable.
  • Shorten wire's clamp and strip interval to apply to short strip wire such as computer cable.
  • Fast speed, easy to adjust and applicable to semi-strip and fully strip.

Features for KW-4F

  • Just slight adjustment can apply to strip wire range from AWG#18 ~ 32 even for single PC or multiple PCS
  • Double blade design with "L" type assembly can accurately meet stripping need even the single blade will do accordingly.
  • Use the timer control system to ensure accurately cut and properly strip.
  • Air blow installation to eliminate defect which causing from stripped Jacket.
  • Suitable for power cord, shield wire, computer cable which with full stripping or half-stripping as it required.
  • Wider blade assemble and shorter blade interval to improve computer inner insulator stripping to be more convenient and efficiency.





Dimension 260 mm  x 150 mm x 270 mm 200 mm  x 280 mm x 320 mm


Power supply ~ AC 110V / 220V (50Hz/60Hz)
Air pressure 5 ~ 7 kg 5 ~ 7 kg
Stripping Length


ONE BLADE - 20mm

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